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Phil Spencer We’re still looking for new studios

Phil Spencer We're still looking for new studios

Phil Spencer did a short interview with Bloomberg Technology . During it, he said that Microsoft has not finished with the acquisition of new studios and continues to consider other options:

The game is what the players play. We build these platforms and services to deliver the best games to users around the world, so we need a lot of top-notch teams. Bethesda has nearly doubled the size of our in-house studios, but we’re still looking for other teams.

It is very important that we have a constant supply of great games for our gaming subscription and platforms.

According to Phil, Micr...

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PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus will arrange a post-apocalyptic crossover

PUBG Mobile introduces Metro Royale mode based on the Metro Exodus universe

The PUBG Corporation studio announced details of the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus. Collaboration with 4A Games has created a new Metro Royale mode with unique gameplay features and a redesigned progression system. In addition, the game received a Royale Pass 16 themed pass.

To get into the new mode, you need to click in the game menu at the entrance to the metro tunnel, which will transfer to the Metro Royale lobby. All systems, functions, such as the black market, inventory, missions, talents, ratings and more are presented here...

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Panic on Twitch. Mass clip deletion and VOD for DMCA violations, will there be bans?

Panic on Twitch. Mass clip deletion and VOD for DMCA violations, will there be bans
This moment, sooner or later, had to come. Despite the creation of special tools, Twitch suffered from the consequences of turning a blind eye to breaking copyright.

Twitch has a huge copyright problem with music that appears on streams. Mass e-mails were sent to streamers during the night, informing them about the removal of VOD and clips containing fragments with illegally used soundtrack.

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Midas’ revenge is this year’s Fortnite Halloween theme. The mishap reveals an update

Midas' revenge is this year's Fortnite Halloween theme. The mishap reveals an update
Epic updated the Russian version of Fortnite too early, revealing the main Halloween theme.

People searching the game files report that Epic has had a small slip-up. Of course, hardly anyone believes that this is a mishap, because leaks of this type usually make a lot of noise.

In any case, it has been discovered that this year’s Spell Nightmares event may have a close relationship with Midas and his undead form. Moreover, update 14.40 should be released tomorrow.

What’s new is known?

The following graphic was accidentally named not what it should be called...

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