Don't Hold Yourself Back From Having Fun - FFXIV Chapter on Server Load and Inflow of Newbies

Don’t Hold Yourself Back From Having Fun – FFXIV Chapter on Server Load and Inflow of Newbies

While Square Enix continues to improve the server infrastructure of Final Fantasy XIV behind the scenes , the head of MMORPG development Naoki Yoshida often communicates with the public on streams and through publications on the official website.

This time, Yoshida-san turned directly to the veterans of the game, who, in order to alleviate the load on the servers and free up space for newcomers, refuse to log in and take part in public activities. The FFXIV director respects the actions of the players, but asks them not to abstain from their usual activities, but to show the living world of the game to new users.

I received a lot of positive feedback and comments on my last post, but one thing caught my eye. Players wrote that they would stop dancing in the city of Limsa, or will not enter the game while eating. 

These are RPG elements and part of the fun in an MMORPG.

So I want you to know that I appreciate your attentiveness, but these activities are part of the game. You do not need to restrain yourself so much that you stop enjoying the game.

We have introduced a limitation on inaction – that’s enough, the system is coping. Please enjoy FFXIV as you used to and show new players how lively the world is.

In the same material, Yoshida wrote that the European servers of FInal Fantasy XIV received an increase in the allowable number of characters to be created by 6000 slots. This is about 500 characters from the game world.

FInal Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4 and PS5. The Endwalker expansion will release on November 23rd.

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