Valve Steam Deck Handles All Games

Valve: Steam Deck Handles All Games

GN continues to post about the Steam Deck. This time, journalists talked to Valve about the technical capabilities of the portable PC console announced last week. In particular, we were talking about the AMD processor – according to Valve, even the games released this year work on the device without problems.

We’ve been evaluating different games in recent years, but the real test for us was the games that came out last year. They just didn’t work as expected on past prototypes and architectures that we tested. This build is the first time we’ve reached the level of performance needed to run the latest generation games seamlessly.

All the games we wanted to run on the Steam Deck are working. The entire Steam library. We didn’t find anything that the device couldn’t handle.

Valve says the current PC trend is relying on high frequency and resolution, which is positive for the Steam Deck, as they are easy to run at 800p and at least 30Hz.

In addition, Valve noted that one of the first to use LPDDR5 RAM. Together with AMD’s APU, the console hardware will remain relevant for several years to come.

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