Blizzard vows to tackle the culture of brotherhood in the studio

Blizzard vows to tackle the culture of “brotherhood” in the studio

Activision Blizzard executives have promised to deal with the internal culture of “brotherhood”, which led to the lawsuit. According to the charges, the company is experiencing harassment and discrimination against women.

Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier posted an internal Blizzard letter online that President Jay Allen Brack sent to employees following news of the lawsuit. In the letter, Allen commented on the “extremely troubling” allegations, and explained that he plans to speak with a number of employees to discuss the company’s next steps. The president added that Blizzard will study all the statements, either internally or by inviting someone from the outside, but if employees have complaints, then they must deal with them – there will be no negative consequences.

The fight for equality is of great importance to me. People with different backgrounds and backgrounds are essential for Blizzard, teams, and the player community. I despise bro culture and have struggled with it throughout my career.

A similar message was written by the president of Activision Rob Kostic. He stated that the charges described in the article did not reflect the company’s values.

Kostich wrote:

Let me put it bluntly. In our company, the described behavior in the workplace, as well as in society as a whole, is strictly prohibited.

Activision has confirmed that the letters are indeed real. And this is somewhat different from what the company said earlier. In past comments, it has been stated that “DFEH is circulating distorted and in many cases false descriptions of Blizzard’s past.”

Internal messaging from management is common. Although Activision Blizzard clearly needs to take some action, at least conduct its own internal investigations and act according to the facts gathered. However, today it is impossible to say how the company intends to react.

Last year, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot made a public apology after accusing the company of a culture of sexism and harassment among some tops. Despite this, the French trade union of game developers has filed a lawsuit against the publisher, claiming that there were no significant changes during the year.

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