Valve launches million dollar art contest for CS GO skins

Valve launches million dollar art contest for CS: GO skins

Valve has announced and launched a new competition dedicated to CS: GO skins and invites artists to create something original. And if it turns out cool, then the company will reward the creator with a hefty prize of $ 100,000.

Dreams and Nightmares Content Contest has a total prize pool of   $ 1 million. This money will be distributed equally among the 10 winners. It is necessary to create original skins on the theme of dreams and nightmares, which can be added to the game. All the rules can be found here , but in general they are simple. You can work both alone and in a team. The uploaded skin must be completely original. To participate, you need an active Steam account, where more than $ 5 has been spent at least once.

Valve also announced that in the 10 years since the Steam Workshop launched, over 5 million creators have created and published over 20 million different items for games on the service. And many of the works, including for Counter-Strike, have become iconic. 

The competition website has a guide for creating skins . The competition will run until October 21, 2021.

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