US government blames China for massive Microsoft Exchange hacking

US government blames China for massive Microsoft Exchange hacking

The administration of the current US President Joe Biden has accused China of large-scale cyberattacks, taking advantage of the Microsoft Exchange vulnerability. The White House said with “high confidence” the hackers’ connection with China’s Ministry of State Security. They deployed a digital surveillance campaign exploiting Microsoft’s breach. US officials have already approached the Chinese authorities for clarification regarding the hostile network activity.

In addition, the United States accused China of conducting intelligence, relying on contract hackers who regularly launched extortion attacks. The Chinese authorities’ reluctance to deal with such criminals harms businesses, governments and infrastructure. The total damage from such operations amounted to billions of dollars.

The Justice Department has indicted four Chinese citizens suspected of carrying out hacking campaigns to steal intellectual property, trade secrets and medical research. The campaign, run by the Chinese ministry, ran from 2011 to 2018, and as a result, hackers were able to obtain data on autonomous car technology, chemical formulas and other developments.

In the meantime, the US government has begun to actively combat attacks and identify vulnerabilities. Documentation has been published with which private companies can audit their defenses. Specialists can study documents from the FBI, CIA and other agencies describing the ways in which Chinese hackers gained access to protected data.

China has denied participating in any attacks.

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