Considering the pros and cons of Steam Deck

Considering the pros and cons of Steam Deck

The Steam Deck will essentially be the Switch for PC gamers. A fairly large and weighty device, equipped with AMD hardware and capable of running, if not all, then almost all games from the Steam library. The cheapest version will cost $ 400, and deliveries will begin in December this year – for now for some countries and regions. Sales should reach the CIS and Russia only in 2022, of course, if by that time there is no long line of people willing for years to come.

Judging by the first reaction, PC gamers are very interested in such a device and Gabe Newell himself believes that if everything goes right, Valve will sell millions of Steam Decks. However, not everyone is sure that the device is of such great value. Perhaps it will suit certain groups of gamers, but there are still doubts about the mass consumer. 

Given the uncertainty, why not make two columns – pros and cons to evaluate which Steam Deck has more. Here’s what we get:

# 1 This is a handheld console with all the games from my Steam library# 1 Size with case is noticeably larger than Switch or tablet 
# 2 All games not available on Switch or smartphones can be played# 2 Weighs almost 700 grams (2x the Switch)
# 3 It can be used as a full-fledged PC# 3 Battery life
# 4 More portable than a laptop# 4 Technical issues will be even worse than on a regular PC
# 5 You can play PC games while lying in bed# 5 If played mostly from the docking station, what’s the point
# 6 More games and choices than any mobile console# 6 To play also on the Steam Deck, you first need to find extra time
# 7 Lots of buttons and looks comfortable# 7 Resolution and frequency issues when displaying on the big screen
# 8 Can connect mouse and keyboard or controller# 8 Valve has hardware issues and early releases may include issues
# 9 Ability to play PC games where you usually did not work# 9 How well are PC games adapted for portable format?
# 10 Regional prices and discounts# 10 LCD panel looks dated compared to OLED

As you can see, we got 10 pluses and 10 minuses. But, of course, this is all just a subjective view of the Steam Deck. For some, some “cons” are not such cons at all. These are not obvious drawbacks that will prevent you from enjoying games on the Steam Deck. On the other hand, objective concerns, such as font sizes in games, cannot be ignored.

Well, and most importantly, if a person already has a sufficiently powerful PC with modern graphics, then the question is much more important – where to get the extra time to still play on a portable PC console. Movies, TV shows, social media, communication, games and much more compete for our attention. But in a day we have only a few free hours, which we can dispose of as we want, maximizing our pleasure. As a PC with an Nvidia RTX graphics card, good processor and SSD, I won’t get much more pleasure from playing the Steam Deck at home. But if I was constantly on the move, regularly went on trips or spent more than an hour on the road in public transport, then the console makes very sense.

What do you say?

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