Fallout 76 players open virtual theater and stage plays

Fallout 76 players open virtual theater and stage plays

When was the last time you were in the theater? Against the backdrop of the pandemic, attending such cultural events has become problematic. However, art has not died, and despite the difficulties, the plays are still alive and adaptable. For example, a group of Fallout 76 players have opened their own mini theater in Appalachia.

As one of the players said in a conversation with PCGamesN, it all started with the construction of a cinema, but soon the players found that a regular theater would be much more interactive.

Random players come to reddit and leave recommendations for new shows or productions. I am also inspired by in-game clothing or items. Like the straitjacket that pushed on the Clockwork Orange. It’s a hell of a lot of fun trying to pick a scene from a play or movie to try to recreate. We’re just done with the opening scene of the Indiana Jones Ark!

The theater was opened relatively recently, but there have already been impressive performances. In addition to Indiana Jones, they also staged Macbeth, The Murder of Abraham Lincoln, and more. 

Still fresh, we are developing. I had my first live auditorium the other day and a couple of role play groups contacted me to visit the theater. So one day we can come to a regular live theater, although the stage is quite small. But before we opened, the Wasteland was an abyss of lack of culture, so our theater brings art and brings classics to Appalachia to life.

Follow the schedule  Fallout 76 Theatre Company  can be tweeted . The band plays on PS4, so if you play on PC, you might have problems visiting the plays.

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