The new Minecraft beta completely changes the approach to world generation and spawning monsters

The new Minecraft beta completely changes the approach to world generation and spawning monsters

Minecraft 1.17 has been available to gamers for a month now, and there are still several months before the next big 1.18 update. But fans of the cube world, who are not ready to wait, can now install a snapshot of the Minecraft beta , which includes the biomes from the Cave and the Rock update. However, what is no less interesting is a completely redesigned algorithm for generating the world and spawning monsters.

As part of 1.18 Experimental Snapshot 1, natural terrain variation is available, allowing hills, plains, mountains and other areas to blend and flow naturally into each other. In the patch notes, the developers also noted that, for example, forests and deserts can form on a hill without the need for a special biome. 

In addition, the patch states that monsters that spawn only in the dark can only appear in complete darkness – so even dimly lit areas will be a safe place. According to the developers, this makes the new large caves relatively safe – hordes of mobs will not spawn there.

Given that the beta is experimental, problems and crashes are possible. And those elements that already exist may change over time. In addition, old saves will not work with the new version. Regular beta updates for 1.18 will start coming out in September. To install, you need to close Minecraft, including the launcher. Next, you need to download the file from the official blog  (section INSTALLATION). After that, you need to unpack the file into the versions section of the local Minecraft data folder. Next, you need to create a new startup configuration and select “pending”. After starting, the remaining files will download themselves.

The full release of Minecraft 1.18 is scheduled for the end of the year.

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