In France, Google was fined 500 million euros

In France, Google was fined 500 million euros

The French Antimonopoly Service has issued a fine of 500 million euros to Google. The reason for this decision was the alleged unwillingness of the company to negotiate with local publications.

It all started in 2019, when the EU adopted a new copyright directive that requires websites and internet platforms to pay publications whose news, articles or photos they post online. At the same time, the French authorities demanded that Google negotiate with local journalists on compensation and further payments.

Google seems to have met the officials halfway and entered into an agreement with the French Press Association. However, the antimonopoly service said that the payments offered by the corporation are “insignificant” – they say, even for a weather forecast in Google, they pay more than for news.

Google has already announced that it does not agree with the decision of the antimonopoly service and will appeal against it. At the same time, the corporation has two months to “normally” negotiate with local publications. Otherwise, she will be fined 900 thousand euros per day.

France already fined Google 220 million euros last month for online ad violations. And in 2019, corporations in this country received a fine of almost a billion euros for refusing to fully disclose their taxation schemes.

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