Chris Hemsworth appeared in the fifth episode of Loki

Chris Hemsworth appeared in the fifth episode of “Loki”

In the episodes of the series “Loki” you can find many secrets, easter eggs and funny characters. One of them was shown in the fifth episode, and no one guessed that he was voiced by Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spoilers below.

In the episode, called Journey into Mystery, the action takes place in a location at the end of time. It houses various artifacts of the Temporary Office for which Loki works. The location has a Thor frog from the Earth-97161 universe. He sits in a bottle and tries to get hold of Mjelnir.

The episode’s director, Keith Herron, revealed on the ForAllNerds podcast that the cry of the Thor the Frog was recorded by Chris Hemsworth. It was the director’s secret. The frog was supposed to have a big role, but they decided to cut it out.

The final sixth episode of “Loki” will be released this week.

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