Abandoned PS5 Trailer App Available July 29

Abandoned PS5 Trailer App Available July 29

Blue Box Game Studios continues the bizarre ad campaign for their equally bizarre horror film Abandoned . The studio announced that the free PS5 gameplay trailer app will be available for download on July 29th. It will start working on August 10th.

At the same time, the trailer itself will be released even later – somewhere in the middle / end of August.


There is still no clear information about what Abandoned is. Judging by the first teaser and the description of the game, we are talking about a first-person horror. However, since the announcement, theories have been circulating that the title is actually just a screen behind which Hideo Kojima is hiding from the new Silent Hill. The developers themselves categorically reject them.

Abandoned is coming to PS5 someday and possibly PC. Or it won’t work.

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