Brazilian gamers are unhappy with Sony's regional pricing

Brazilian gamers are unhappy with Sony’s regional pricing

In Brazil, a small scandal erupted over the regional policy of Sony. In May, the Japanese company decided to raise prices in the region for its PS Plus subscription by 33%, and on June 29, games from the hit line rose in price by 24%.

This has led Brazilian players to tweet with hashtags #PlaystationLowerPrices and #playhaslimits calling for regional pricing to be revised.

The fact is that in the region there are regional prices from Microsoft, which turn out to be much more profitable. For example, Ninja Gaiden Master Collection on Xbox costs R $ 184.95 versus R $ 214.90 on Sony consoles. With other games, the difference may be even greater.

It is not known if Sony will revise its policy in the region, but it is the largest video game market among Latin countries.

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