Apple targets decentralization and will hire more employees outside of Silicon Valley

Apple targets decentralization and will hire more employees outside of Silicon Valley

Apple will try to move away from centralization at its California-based Apple Park headquarters. The reason for this decision is the desire to hire more talented people in all states and outside the United States. Bloomberg writes about this with reference to unnamed sources.

Previously, the company sought to centralize, for which it built an Apple Park worth more than $ 5 billion. Presumably, this principle changed after employees complained about the cost of living in San Francisco. Despite high wages, it turns out that most workers cannot afford the standard of living they desire, and many have to choose between spending such as college tuition and long-term savings.

In addition to this, management believes that recruiting and retaining talented employees will become one of the key challenges in the near future. In this regard, Apple’s recruiters were tasked with inviting people to work from different geographic regions. As a result, the number of employees from “underrepresented communities” has increased by 64% over the past five years.

Some Apple executives pushed for decentralization and acted independently of company policy. One of the most prominent representatives was Johny Srouji, the head of the department for the production of non-standard silicon elements, who many years ago opened offices in Florida, Massachusetts, Texas and several foreign countries.

Now the Yabloko players are focused on decentralization. To do this, the company will spend $ 2 billion on campuses in Austin, Texas and North Carolina. The company will also hire engineers in Canada, Germany, New Zealand and several other countries.

In parallel with decentralization, Apple intends to test a new hybrid mode of operation outside of Silicon Valley. Presumably, employees will be required to be in the office three days a week – on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The rest of the time they will be able to work from home. The change will also apply to retail employees – they will be able to do online sales.

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