Scarlet Nexus Launch Trailer

Scarlet Nexus Launch Trailer

Bandai Namco has unveiled an epic release trailer for the Scarlet Nexus action game , which will go on sale next week. The video is accompanied by the song Dream in Drive by the rock band The Oral Cigarettes.

The title will be available on June 25th.


Distant future. A psionic hormone was found in the human brain, which endowed people with extrasensory abilities and completely changed the world we are used to. But as soon as the light of a new era illuminated mankind, brain-hungry and maddened mutants, who were named Others, began to descend from heaven. They were incredibly resistant to conventional weapons, and it took a whole new level of fighters for the world to deal with the threat and save humanity. Psionics, possessing psychic abilities, became the only ones who could fight back the extraterrestrial threat. Since then, psionics have been searched all over the world and recruited into the Others Suppression Squad (OPI), which became the last bastion of humanity.

Scarlet Nexus will be released on PC and consoles of both generations. Before the release, everyone can try the demo – it is already available everywhere except PC.

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