Rumor From Software Is Developing Bloodborne Heir To PS5

Rumor: From Software Is Developing Bloodborne Heir To PS5

According to new unconfirmed information, From Software is working not only on Elden Ring, but also on a future PS5 exclusive. However, you should not take this information at face value, so as not to be disappointed.

The information was shared by Ruincarlo Silva on Twitter , explaining that From Software has a secret project codenamed Velvet Veil. According to the source, Velvet Veil is being developed in partnership with PlayStation Studios and will be exclusive to PS5. It will not be a direct heir to the studio’s past games, but is positioned as a spiritual successor to Bloodborne. 

As evidence, Silva attached screenshots of the correspondence with the source:

At the same time, the user reddit  user e_0  claims that it was he who shared the data with Silva, but he did not report anything about Velvet Veil. This does not mean that the rumors about the project are deliberately false, but he is definitely not connected with them. 

Chances are high that someone decided to just play the hype around Elden Ring and make a name for themselves on Twitter. Therefore, you should not wait for an analogue of Bloodborne 2 on PS5.

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