Resale bot traffic up 788% in October 2020

Resale bot traffic up 788% in October 2020

Cybersecurity company Imperva has published a report on the frequency of using bots for resale. With the help of these numbers, one can estimate how much damage resellers have caused to the start of sales of a new generation of consoles and video cards.

The company notes that the last few months of 2020 saw a meteoric rise in bot traffic, up 788% between September and October 2020 alone. It was then that resellers began to monitor the first lots selling PS5, Xbox Series X, RTX 30 and RX 6000.

Over the past year and during the global pandemic, bots have thrived by targeting new markets, and the impact is now being felt by ordinary consumers, according to the company. Countries where bots are most popular: USA, China and UK.

Conscientious retailers are trying to fight them, but scheme creators are constantly using new methods and strategies for bots. The trend is likely to continue until the market meets the demand for consoles and components, which could drag on for the entire 2021. Avito PS5 still sells 5-10 thousand on average higher than the recommended price.

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