Dragon Age 2 lead screenwriter fantasized about a hypothetical sniderkat game

Dragon Age 2 lead screenwriter fantasized about a hypothetical sniderkat game

David Gaider, one of the creators of the Dragon Age universe and the lead writer of the entire trilogy, spoke about the work on the second part of the franchise. It all started with a few innocuous questions on Twitter, and ended with fantasies about what a Dragon Age 2 snider would look like .

If you suddenly do not know, then the term “snidercat” means an expanded and augmented version of the work in the form in which the author intended it.

So here’s what Gaider has to say about working on the sequel:

  • Dragon Age 2 was supposed to fill a gap in the release schedule of the studio’s games and was initially conceived as an add-on to the first part. This is why the developers had so little time;
  • The studio constantly pressed on time and resources to create the game. Because of this, Gaider had to make the head of the magicians Orsino the main villain, although it was originally planned that the players would be able to side with him;
  • Gaider himself says that Dragon Age 2 is his favorite part of the franchise, but its creation brought him so much pain and grief that he would never agree to repeat such an experience;

And here is what Gaider would add to the game if he were asked to work on its extended version:

  • Revert Kirkwall’s changes over time, or shrink the entire plot to a few months;
  • Add more life to the city and expand it significantly;
  • Bring back a storyline in which Hawke the magician must fight obsession – it would be “a whole story, trapped in his own mind”;
  • Restore content that was cut from Act III during development so that the conflict between mages and templars does not seem so crumpled and sudden;
  • Give players a choice – to side with mages, templars, or completely remain neutral;
  • Expand the prologue of the game and add peaceful scenes of Hawke’s interaction with his relatives;
  • And, of course, add the ability to have an affair with Varrick.

However, these are just the wishes of the screenwriter. Gaider himself believes that EA will never go to create an extended version of Dragon Age 2 .

David Gaider currently works at Summerfall Studios, which he founded himself.

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