Europeans accused Google of violating advertising law

Europeans accused Google of violating advertising law

The non-profit human rights organization Noyb (stands for My Privacy is None of Your Business) has filed a complaint against Google with the French Data Protection Authority. The corporation was accused of violating the European “Cookie Law”.

This is an advertising AAID that is assigned to all Android devices. It is generated automatically and communicates information about your actions and requests to advertisers. You cannot delete it, but you can reset it – however, this will not clear the history of your requests and will not save you from annoying ads.

The European cookie law, in turn, requires that users can opt out of collecting and storing information about their actions. However, in the case of AAID, they do not have such a chance. Consequently, Google’s policy is in violation of European law. 

According to Noyb, their complaint could lead to “substantial” sanctions against Google. It is worth noting that earlier the same organization opposed the transatlantic EU – US Privacy Shield, which allowed US companies to receive personal data from EU organizations. As a result, the European Court declared this agreement invalid.

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