New card for Among Us will be released on March 31

New card for Among Us will be released on March 31

Studio Innersloth announced that the new The Airship card for  Among Us will be released on March 31st. The team announced its creation back in early December, but the work took longer than planned. This is due to the fact that the studio had to reckon with a variety of factors due to the increase in the popularity of the game.

In the past, development was easier because it didn’t require a lot of approvals. Nevertheless, the game’s team still consists of only five people who work with tens of millions of players around the world.

Hiring new employees is also a big problem. To find new programmers, you need to break away from the work of a single specialist on the topic, so that he selects a resume and then introduces newcomers to work. This will completely slow down the Innersloth team.

The Airship introduces new challenges, an account system, different starting rooms, and more.

Among Us is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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