Everything we know about lush caves in the big update to Minecraft version 1.17

Everything we know about lush caves in the big update to Minecraft version 1.17

Excavation in Minecraft dungeons is a very dangerous activity for beginners. In the dark depths, you can encounter various scary things. Most likely, you will never forget the first ambush set up by the enderman during the extraction of iron.

Over time, caves and dungeons have become somewhat monotonous. For a limited time, you mine diamonds and other gems, and then leave the underworld to go to explore a variety of surface biomes.

Minecraft update 1.17 “Caves & Cliffs” will add several new biomes to the underworld. The lush caves are the most intriguing and alluring place on display today. This vibrant biome is a place where you can finally take a break from the ruthless monsters and vicious spiders that flood the rest of the underground areas. Aside from the respite, here you can find one of the most lovable and lovable creatures in Minecraft.

Let’s figure out where to find lush caves in Minecraft and what they hide.

What are curvy caves?

As part of the Caves & Cliffs update for Minecraft, a new underground biome, Lush Caverns, has been added to dramatically increase the diversity of the underworld. The lush cave is a bright and welcoming place in the middle of a dark and dirty world. Flowers and other plants grow here that can be harvested. There is also a unique mob that lives exclusively in this place. He can keep you company during your underwater adventures.

How to find lush caves using azalea trees

If you want to visit the lush caves in person, you need to walk along the surface and find a new tree – the azalea. They are rather short, shrub-like trees, with characteristic lilac flowers attached to blocks of foliage. The mud blocks underneath these trees are unique in that roots grow through them.

These trees can be grown elsewhere, but only those plants that are created by the world itself will lead to lush caves. If you start digging down under the azalea tree, you will eventually reach the Lush Caves and admire the beautiful plants.

Light berries

Lightberries are a new plant to be found in lush caves. Vine-like plants hang from the ceiling and have bright orange fruits. Their main purpose is to illuminate the path, eliminating the need for torches.

You can harvest and consume light berries, although it is currently unknown how well they satisfy hunger or if they have other effects. There is also the possibility that light berries can be grown elsewhere, like ivy, but this is just an assumption based on the principle of breeding similar plants.

Light spores

The large pink flower on the ceiling is a light spore. These flowers cover the ceiling of lush caves, and as they unfold, they spray particles falling down.

Some particles appeared in Minecraft relatively recently, in the Nether update, but it so happened that no effects are associated with them. The cool thing about lightspores is that you can pick them up from lush caves and hang them on any ceiling. A great way to make your already cool Minecraft home a little more quirky.

Hard leaves

Another plant found in lush caves is the hardwood. They are slender plants that can stick to soil or water blocks and can stand on their leaves.

And if you stay on these leaves for too long, they will continue to tilt until they finally reach a tilt that will cause you to fall down. The hard sheet will return to its original position instantly, as soon as nothing presses on it. You don’t have to replace them. A good contender for your next quirky Minecraft builds.

Deep slate

As part of a recent update to the test server, Minecraft players were able to explore the lush caves and discovered new tiles there – deep slate. These are cobblestones in darker tones that can surround minerals such as iron, coal, and copper. When mining deep shale, be careful as Silverfish may jump out of the block.


The only mob found in the lush caves is the charming Axolotl. This animal with the real name is related to the salamanders, and, unfortunately, is endangered.

Axolotls in Minecraft live underwater and can be new companions. They vary in color, and attacking in groups can easily deal with underwater mobs. Especially effective against underwater guards.

All it takes to build an Axolotl army is a few buckets. Collect them in buckets of water and transfer them to your base. Let it out into the pool to keep it close to you. Axolotls are Minecraft water mobs that cannot move overland and cannot escape from a body of water.

This is just the tip of what awaits us in the lush caves, and will appear as we update the test servers and prepare for a full release this summer. Hopefully, we will soon be provided with even more information about the new flora and fauna that inhabit this vibrant underground world.

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