Deathloop's campaign is comparable to Dishonored

Deathloop’s campaign is comparable to Dishonored

During an interview with IGN, the developers of the stylish shooter Deathloop spoke in more detail about the storyline campaign. It will not be in the game for show – it is comparable in size to Dishonored, but it will give more replay value.

In the first hours, the game will be a little choreographed. Then the player enters the open world. It will have four areas with their own investigations, each with its own story. 

There is a study of time here. It’s a pretty big game, even if you’re just investigating and trying to break the time loop. I think it is comparable to our previous games.

Game Director Ding Bakaba

The hero is locked in a time loop that restarts the day upon completion of the day or after the death of the character. To break the loop, you need to kill 8 so-called visionaries. There are 4 areas on the island, between which visionaries can move around depending on the time of day.

With each cycle, the player will learn more about their targets and their route of movement, which will help them find and kill them faster. For example, sometimes they will literally intersect in one place.

Deathloop  will release on May 21st. The shooter will be available on PC and PS5. An Xbox Series release has not been confirmed but is highly likely.

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