The court demanded that Valve provide Apple with Steam data

The court demanded that Valve provide Apple with Steam data

According to a California judge who is overseeing Apple’s efforts to drag Valve into the case against Epic Games, the Cupertino-based company has launched a seeding campaign, suing multiple companies. Despite this, Judge Thomas Hickson ruled that Valve was obliged to provide certain data to Apple, which Gabe Newell’s company actively opposed. 

In the past, we have already described the situation, so you can read it here . But in short, Apple has demanded an extensive set of Steam information from Valve, as it believes that this data is necessary in the case against Epic Games. Valve insists that this is a showdown of the mobile giants, and Apple is using the court to obtain trade secrets from Steam, especially since the company has already provided a number of data.

Apple’s lawyers disagree and believe Steam data is required to assess the effects of competition. They give examples of different cases, emphasizing that not only the AppStore takes 30% of the revenue, but Steam too.

Apparently, Apple is trying to prove that the emergence of the Epic Games Store as opposed to Steam did not affect the bets of Valve itself. Since Epic Games’ lawsuit is based on Apple’s monopoly practices in light of the Fortnite removal, the company is allegedly using its powers to restrict competition. Epic has even started comparing iOS to the more open Mac environment. However, if the Epic Games Store did not require Valve to lower the rate, then why is it trying to pressure Apple?

The court is now demanding that Valve disclose all the data, as it does not believe that Apple’s receipt would put Valve’s commercial secret at risk. So now Gabe Newell’s company must pass information to Apple’s lawyers, and do it between March 2 and 8. However, there is a plus – Valve should only transfer data for 436 games available on Steam and EGS at the same time, and not for all 40+ thousand. Plus a number of other information, but not in the detailed form that Apple wanted.

All this does not mean that soon the situation between Apple and Epic Games will be resolved. Most likely, the lawsuit will drag on for a long time. While the absurdity of Valve jumping on command, with no assurance that Apple won’t use the information out of court, and no compensation for the time it took, is astounding.

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