Vacancies Bloober Team is recruiting employees for a new title

Vacancies: Bloober Team is recruiting employees for a new title

The Polish studio Bloober Team released the horror film The Medium last week, which paid off in a few days. Now the company is looking to the future, and has already posted a dozen vacancies for the new title team.

Interesting thing: you need a combat system designer. In past Bloober Team games, there was no way to fight opponents. Perhaps the studio is ready for a new mechanic.

Designer Arthur Lazhkovski Twitter wrote that it would be a great title. Perhaps we are talking about a game that will expand the Observer universe. Her teaser was shown a year ago and there has been no news since then. However, a more likely option is with a new IP in the AAA segment, which the studio wanted to switch to exactly a year ago.

In February 2020, the Bloober Team employed 110 people, and in order to make several games in parallel, this number of employees may not be enough. Perhaps we will find out the first news about future titles very soon.

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