NASA cannot select companies to take people to the moon

NASA cannot select companies to take people to the moon

Space agency NASA has postponed the choice of two companies that will participate in the Artemis mission to bring people to the moon. The selection was postponed from the end of February to April 30.

Dynetics, Blue Origin and SpaceX are currently on the list of companies for the Artemis mission. Each must provide NASA with their developments, which will be applied in a manned landing on the moon. The total amount of NASA contracts with companies will be about $ 1 billion.

Whether this will affect the postponement of the mission from 2024 to a later date is unknown. However, due to recent events, such an outcome is quite possible. After the change of power in the United States, NASA received $ 850 million to implement Artemis, although $ 3.2 billion was requested.

It is reported that America’s new president, Joe Biden, is not in the mood for the lunar landing space program. The politician wants to focus on solving more important problems.

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