Project 007 by IO Interactive could be a trilogy

Project 007 by IO Interactive could be a trilogy

Developers from IO Interactive spoke to Danish edition about the recently announced James Bond game Project 007 . The head of the studio, Hakan Abrak, said that the title may well serve as the beginning of a new trilogy.

Moreover, Abrak said that the brainchild of IOI will not be based on Bond films, and the character will not be written off from the actors who previously played the role of MI6 special agent. 

We were allowed to create our own digital version that would not rely on the actors who played Bond. We also come up with an original story that could very well grow into a trilogy.

Abrak also said that players will have a standard Bond adventure program: dangerous missions, noisy car chases, as well as charismatic and memorable villains who are trying to take over the world.

For a project of this caliber, IO Interactive is already planning to increase its staff to 400 developers. Now the studio employs 200 people. In addition, IOI will be assisted by a subsidiary studio in Sweden.

The head of IOI in an interview with reporters also shared the details of obtaining the rights to the game about agent 007. The studio has been preparing for almost two years to meet with the owners of the rights to Bondiana from EON Productions – Barbara Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson. IO Interactive was very worried that the owners of the rights would not approve of the studio’s candidacy, since they are very bad about the latest Bond games. Allegedly, in recent games, there is too much violence and open action.

At first, Barbara had a very expressionless face, but then a smile began to appear on her face. She became interested. It was seen that the rest of the Broccoli family were also fired up when they saw her reaction.

However, IO Interactive eventually got the rights to develop Project 007 . Abrak said that the development of the title is still at a very early stage.

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