The outlook for the Xbox Series S and the Medium’s ambitions – highlights from Bloober Team interview

The outlook for the Xbox Series S and the Medium's ambitions - highlights from Bloober Team interview

VG247 author Tom Orry spoke with Lead Designer Wojciech Peyko and Producer Jacek Zemba, who work for the Bloober Team. The Polish studio will release its next horror film, The Medium, this week .

In a conversation with a journalist, the developers of the title discussed many issues. Collaboration with Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass, Series S junior console prospects and The Medium ambitions .

The Medium is Bloober Team’s biggest and most ambitious game

This is definitely our most ambitious title. This is largely due to the two worlds that are simultaneously located on the screen, as well as the accompanying mechanics. But it’s also our biggest game in all other respects. We went in the direction of the third person, which required more animations, mechanics and things that we had not worked with before. 

Each of our games was a kind of evolution of the previous one. In this regard, The Medium is rather. revolution. This is our dream project that we have been doing for many years.

On the progress and development of the studio itself

Each game opened new doors for us. Layers of Fear allowed us to make Obesrver with Polish actors and Rutger Hauer. This would not have been possible without LoF. Observer, in turn, opened the way to Lionsgate, for which we made Blair Witch. Then came Microsoft.

We have an excellent relationship with the company. When we showed them The Medium , they said, “Oh, cool. It looks very cool and completely unusual for our portfolio of titles.” They don’t have any horror films, so we are great at filling this niche.

However, the studio, according to Wojciech Peyko, does not consider itself a AAA-level team. The Polish team has simply not grown up to this.

We don’t consider ourselves a AAA studio. We are below this and are perfectly aware of this. But we also know that we have room to grow and develop mechanics in our projects. Our team knows how to tell good stories, build an atmosphere – this is our strength.

How the development of The Medium progressed during the pandemic

We made a game during the pandemic. There were plenty of unpleasant situations during this period. Making a game with two worlds turned out to be a very difficult task for us, since it was the first such experience. It’s not the same as trying to put together a shooter, looking back at the very best examples and trying to replicate their success. Often we did The Medium blindly – some things took a lot of trying.

Developing a game was like a leap into the dark. 

About the power of the Xbox Series and the prospects for the budget Series S

Each generation of consoles is getting closer to the PC. In the case of Xbox Series X and Series S, we did not feel any difficulties or changes. Our engine is assembled for these needs and architecture, you know how everything works. This is not the case for the PS3. Working with the new hardware turned out to be very pleasant.

I recently passed The Medium on Series S and was amazed as I thought I was playing Series X. Then someone told me that I was playing Series S. Of course the junior console does not support 4K and you will see some graphics differences but the overall gaming experience is exactly the same. The architecture of the Series S, this little white box, is amazing.

Jacek Zemba

What the Bloober Team will do after The Medium

You never know what will happen next. Maybe we can do Observer 2 or something. We are constantly looking for new ideas. We do not close any doors, but we can say that these doors will be darkness.

Also in a conversation with VG247, the developers praised the Xbox Game Pass subscription for the opportunity to try out a lot of titles at an affordable price. The creators of The Medium compared the service to Netflix, but expressed concern that someday there will be too many games in the subscription.

The Medium releases on January 28th for PC and Xbox Series. The horror game will be available on Xbox Game Pass on release day.

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