Developer Don't Expect Miracles From Nintendo Switch Pro

Developer Don’t Expect Miracles From Nintendo Switch Pro

Engine Software co-founder Ruud van de Moosdijk in an interview with Nintendo Everything spoke about his attitude towards the potential Switch Pro. An updated 4K hybrid console has been rumored to be in development for a long time by Nintendo, but there is still no announcement.

Mosdijk believes that the increased power of the new console will clearly not hurt, but dramatic changes should not be expected. After all, the standard Switch will not go anywhere, and it will be necessary to observe some parity.

In truth, we are not very supportive of the Switch Pro idea. It would be great to get more RAM or faster graphics and processor, but you shouldn’t forget about the current model. And games should work properly on all hardware.

Therefore, performance will be adjusted with an eye to weak hardware. We’ve seen this previously with the intermediate enhanced consoles. 

Media talked about the mysterious Switch Pro last year. In addition to 4K resolution, we were talking about a new Mini-LED screen, as well as the usual modes of operation in portable and stationary.

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