CD Projekt RED studio head responds to Jason Schreier’s article with selective excuses

CD Projekt RED studio head responds to Jason Schreier's article with selective excuses

Yesterday we published an article about a fresh investigation by Jason Schreier, in which a Bloomberg journalist said that in fact, the development of Cyberpunk 2077 began only in 2016, and CD Projekt RED employees knew about all the bugs and understood that the game was not ready for release in 2020. … You can read everything here.

If you are already aware of the situation, then move on to the second part . The head of the studio CD Projekt RED Adam Badovski decided to give his own comments on the publication, however, it turned out to be more like a selective excuse. In general, it is strange that the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 did not follow the example of Hello Games, which, after the release of No Man’s Sky, went into total silence to fix all problems, add features and put the game on the path of a victorious return. And as the statistics of the same Steam show, this approach worked great.

Instead of keeping silent and ignoring the entire information field to focus on Cyberpunk 2077, Adam commented on three points:

# 1 2018 Cyberpunk 2077 Demo Was A Little Less Than Completely Fake

Adam explained that when it comes to exhibitions, demos are usually test versions or vertical slices, but this does not mean that Cyberpunk 2077 was a fake. He asks for a comparison of the various scenes, given that the gameplay presented at the time was a “working version”. 

The final version looks and plays better than the demo. As for the cut features, this is part of the workflow. Chips appear and are cut as we evaluate their work. Well, there are ambushes with cars in the final game, almost one-on-one with the demo.

In terms of release specifically, the demo version has grown into what has received 9/10 and 10/10 on PC from many respected gaming titles around the world.

Regarding the consoles of the previous generation, this is another matter, but we do not deny, but are actively working on fixing bugs (including on PC). We are proud of Cyberpunk 2077 both as a game and as an artist. All this clearly does not mean disaster.

# 2 Most of the employees knew and openly said that the game would not be ready for release in 2020

You spoke to 20 people, some former developers, only 1 of them is not anonymous. I would not call it the “majority” of 500 people, as you claim.

Which begs the question – did anyone know that the game was not ready for release in 2020? And if so, then why at least the console version was not ported to 2021? This would allow you to focus on catching bugs on the PC and optimizing performance, so that you can safely switch to consoles later.

# 3 Some foreign employees talked about how colleagues spoke Polish, which breaks the rules. This created a sense of isolation. 

During negotiations and meetings, everyone speaks English. All mailings and announcements in English are a must. An unspoken rule to switch to English if a colleague does not speak a particular language during normal conversations.

But it’s okay if Germans speak German, Poles speak Polish, Spaniards speak Spanish, if it’s a conversation between them. We have a multicultural environment.

In fact, we learned nothing new from Adam’s message. He does not directly refute what Schreier wrote, but rather talks about the situation from his perspective. Perhaps one day we will find out what really happened at CD Projekt RED for the last two years. In the meantime, we are waiting for the results of hard work on Cyberpunk 2077. Given the sales, which should have already exceeded 15 million copies, the studio definitely has the resource to put the game in order and even make it better. In the end, the lack of an appearance editor after creating a character in a cyberpunk and augmentation game is a big mistake. 

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