Glen Scofield on the development of The Callisto Protocol, the PUBG connection and the legacy of Dead Space

Glen Scofield on the development of The Callisto Protocol, the PUBG connection and the legacy of Dead Space

The Callisto Protocol creative director   Glen Scofield gave a detailed interview to GamesRadar, in which he spoke not only about the features of the title, but also about the connection with the PUBG universe, exploring Antarctica to create the game world and the legacy of Dead Space. We chose the main thing .

About communication with PUBG

Striking Distance’s writing team is currently working on the PUBG lore, writing the story, and putting  The Callisto Protocol into that lore. There will be no deep connection, only easter eggs, references and notes that will be understandable for those who have played the battle royale.

About the trailer 

The journalist noted that the trailer was mysterious and did not show absolutely nothing, but at the same time made it clear what the atmosphere will be in the game and where the events of The Callisto Protocol will take place  . This was the idea of ​​the developers.

The puzzle is an important part of these games. What awaits us around the next corner? What’s behind the door? I think we had a good balance between what we showed and kept hidden: mechanics, story and characters.

We had to leave something for the players to find it themselves.

At the same time, the developers spoke in detail about the setting. A prison awaits players on Callisto, the moon of Jupiter. When Glen spoke about the setting, the journalist heard professionalism, years of experience and clear knowledge of the material he was talking about in his voice.

The temperature there is below 200 degrees Celsius, a huge layer of ice, although there is an ocean under it. It’s cold as hell.

We studied Antartica and other cold places on Earth in order to understand how we can survive there. It takes imagination to come up with the rest. And people will not be able to tell you that you are wrong, because you use the knowledge that you received, and your imagination, and you get what may make sense.

On the legacy of Dead Space

Over 10 years ago, with the release of Dead Space, Scofield proved that it is possible to make a commercially successful game that will be interesting to players and can scare them. After that, the survival horror genre got a lot of good and not so good games, and for Glen it’s kind of a challenge.

He is confident that he can scare the players.

I admit it is a challenge. But Dead Space was also a challenge. I’m sure we can scare the players because we have testers who say, “You got me!”

Proven methods can be used, but we are looking for new ways. You can’t constantly live with screamers, it’s all about creating tension. As long as you can keep the player on their toes, it will be easier to scare them. You don’t have to have 12 hours of pure terror.

As for Dead Space, it gave Glen experience not only in development, but also in working with the publisher.

Dead Space taught me how to sell an idea to a publisher. Then I sold the idea to Activision. Then I got my MBA and helped me write a business plan where I can sell a studio and develop a game at the same time.

About ideas in development

According to Glen Scofield, everyone on his team is involved in game development, so he listens carefully to his team and writes down their ideas. He has never changed his philosophy – to take the best of what the team offers him. In developing The Callisto Protocol,  he also applies this principle.

Glen Scofield currently employs about 150 people. The Striking Distance team expects The Callisto Protocol to be released in 2022. Developers focus on next-generation PCs and consoles so that players can make the most of their technical capabilities .

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