Link to past sitcoms and the MCU – details of WandaVision

Link to past sitcoms and the MCU - details of WandaVision

The WandaVision miniseries will premiere on Disney + tomorrow. On this occasion, producer Kevin Feige, director Matt Sheckman and the actors spoke in an interview about how the filming took place and what features of the show viewers need to know.

Further small spoilers for the first episode.

Classic ’50s sitcoms like “I Love Lucy” were filmed in front of a live audience that laughed at certain moments. The creators of “WandaVision” decided not just to parody the classics, but to shoot everything in the same way as if it happened 70 years ago. Therefore, the first episode was filmed in front of the audience.

I was very nervous. The adrenaline rush, the scenery changed quickly, and it confused me. We did not play to the audience, but rather fed on energy from it. When the fourth wall finally appeared, I was glad.

Elizabeth Olsen

For more immersion at the time, Feige and Sheckman met up with 95-year-old American comedian Dick Van Dyck. The actor gave the producer and director advice: “If something cannot happen in life, then it cannot in the series.” It helped a lot in creating the series, as well as exploring different aspects of the past.

We watched many episodes of old TV series and discussed how the approach to comedy is changing – and it is changing a lot. In the 50s, 60s and 70s, it is very different. Lizzie has already said: filming in front of the audience further emphasizes this.

“I Love Lucy”, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” – these series directly radiate the energy of the theater, the actors work with the audience. And then you go to shows from the 60s like “My wife bewitched me” or “I dream of Ginny” and you see that the method of shooting there is more like a movie. Laughter is recorded there in advance, and this changes the energy, approach, and style – everything.

Matt Sheckman

Family comedies were the main reference point for the creators of the series – this is the closest thing to the idea of ​​”WandaVision”. According to Sheckman, such topics are never outdated and always relevant. The Dick Van Dyke Show, for example, looks good even now.

Despite the unusual idea, “WandaVision” will still be closely associated with other films and TV series of the Cinematic Universe Marvel Studios. This connection will manifest itself in various aspects, including specially filmed commercials.

If this is your first MCU project, they will seem like weird fantasies about advertising from the 50s or 60s, and their context will only become clear as the series progresses. But if you’ve watched movies, you may be able to understand what it all meant in the past.

Kevin Feige

One of the elements of classic sitcoms will be a neighbor of Wanda and Vision named Agnes performed by Katherine Hahn. The creators noted that the story of Agnes will develop and it will not remain an ordinary cliche and will not disappear in the shadow of the main characters.

The show will also talk about the life of Monica Rambeau, who was seen by viewers while still small in Captain Marvel. In general, the show should prepare the viewer for “something new in the MCU already familiar to viewers.”

Earlier, the first reviews from critics about the series appeared on the network, which praised him for his courage and unusualness. There will be nine episodes in total, with the last airing on March 5th. The full schedule is here .

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