Zach Snyder’s Justice League Martian Appears

Zach Snyder's Justice League Martian Appears

Collider interviewed actor Harry Lennix, in which he admitted that he played the Martian in Justice League Zach Snyder. In the upcoming film, his character General Swanwick will reveal his secret.

During reshoots for the Zach Snyder version, the actor completed scenes with the Martian. The fact that Harry plays this superhero and one of the founders of the Justice League has long been hinted at by Zach himself.

Lennix revealed that in Snyder’s first two DC comics films, he had no idea of ​​his character’s secret identity. He only learned about Swanwick’s secret on the set of Justice League, but never read the script. Due to his work on Blacklist, the actor did not film the Martian scenes until Snyder left.

Justice League by Zach Snyder will be released in March on HBO Max.

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