Terrible realization Bethesda’s Fallout 5 will only be released by the early 2030s

Terrible realization Bethesda's Fallout 5 will only be released by the early 2030s

Bethesda has long learned the lesson that it is worth announcing games and providing details during the final stages of development. So we still don’t know much about Starfield. And even less with regard to The Elder Scrolls 6. But if these games should come out in the next six years, then wait for Fallout 5 is only by the end of the new decade. 

Of course, the realization of this fact should upset many fans. However, there are a number of good reasons why the long wait for Fallout 5 could benefit the series. And do not forget that Fallout 76 is still available, which receives regular updates, and in the future there will be a series on the Fallout universe. So the universe continues to live and develop.

Bethesda workflows

Bethesda workflows

Bethesda is working at a very strange pace. The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced with a teaser back in 2018, almost seven years after Skyrim’s release. But the active development of the new part of the cult role-playing series has not yet begun. We don’t even know in what setting the events will unfold. And the reason for such a long hiatus between games is Bethesda’s desire to create a completely new game – it was the still unrepresented Starfield.

What is taking the team so long is not very clear, but considering the situation with Cyberpunk 2077, this is even better. Let them do everything right, and then you can already announce it, 6-9 months before the clear release in good condition. Moreover, now that Bethesda is part of Microsoft, everything should be much better with finances.

So far, one can only speculate about TES 6, but at least one can count on maintaining the standard formula – a first-person view, a large open world, a multifaceted role-playing system. In comparison, Starfield features a sci-fi setting, space, and judging by the images from the prototypes, the game will have a third person view.

According to the company itself, new information about Starfield will appear in 2021. In addition, Todd Howard previously said that both Starfild and The Elder Scrolls VI will actively use procedural generation to shape worlds. 

It is still difficult to say exactly when to expect Starfield. On the one hand, the game has been in development for many years, on the other, Bethesda has taken the habit of announcing and releasing games in one year. Thus, if Starfield is presented in 2021, then the latest when it can be expected is in 2022.

With support, development and DLC in mind, this means The Elder Scrolls VI won’t be out until 2025. Plus at least another 4-5 years to develop Fallout 5, if it comes to it at all. 

Reasons to wait

Reasons to wait

While fans’ thirst for a new license plate in the main series is justified, the developers definitely shouldn’t rush to the new Fallout. It’s worth taking a look at the latest major RPG releases – many of them have faced problems and deserved criticism. Overall, the AAA RPG market is in a strange transitional state right now. Suffice it to recall Mass Effect Andromeda, Anthem, Fallout 76.

In this regard, Fallout 5 takes time to form into a full-fledged role-playing game, not just a new generation, but the next one after the current one. The pressure to create and fill a large-scale open world in just a few years leads rather to conveyor manufacturing. Some companies have succeeded in this, like Ubisoft, but these are not the titles that shape an entire generation and remain on the lips for many years.

In addition, a change in working practices is taking place now. More and more companies are abandoning crunch, and the social agenda regularly interferes with production cycles, often having a negative impact on the product.

And we must also take into account that other long-term construction projects are under development, which will have a huge impact on the gaming industry. GTA 6 won’t be out soon, but there’s no doubt that it will revolutionize the industry again. 

Also, do not forget about the process of adapting Betehsda to the new leadership represented by Microsoft. It is difficult to say exactly which tasks will be set for Zenimax Media. I would like to believe that one of them is to make cool games.

And, of course, you need to get ready for the exclusivity of all future games of the studio on PC / Xbox. It’s unlikely that their games will be coming to PS5 now. No wonder Microsoft dumped $ 7.5 billion.

Fallout: New Vegas 2

Fallout New Vegas 2

Many years ago, Obsidian received permission from Bethesda to develop Fallout: New Vegas. The game was successful, but the relationship between the companies was strained, because the RPG received 84 points out of 100 on Metacritic, and bonuses for work were paid only if it reached 85 points.

Microsoft now owns both Obsidian and Bethesda, which means a spin-off revival cannot be ruled out. Moreover, if a separate Obsidian team starts working on New Vegas 2 or another spin-off in the Fallout universe, it will keep fans interested in the series as a whole.

Another alternative is Fallout from the inXile team, based on the Wasteland 3 engine with another portion of upgrades. Or even a remake of the original Fallout 1 and 2? If everything is done well, then such releases will definitely bring a good profit, preparing the audience for Fallout 5. 

What do you think will happen to the Fallout series in the next ten years? 

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