Rumor: Netflix is ​​working on a show on The Elder Scrolls

Rumor Netflix is ​​working on a show on The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls is Bethesda’s highly acclaimed RPG franchise known to every player. It looks like she might attract new fans as well. Bethesda is rumored to be considering bringing the world of Scrolls to screens alongside Netflix.

Insider Daniel Richtman told about this on his Patreon. Richtman argues that Netflix wants the show to be as popular, if not more popular, than the adaptation of The Witcher. The show is expected to directly adapt the version of Tamriel familiar to fans from the video game franchise. Pre-production has already started.

Once again, treat this rumor with caution.

While there is no confirmation of a TV adaptation of The Elder Scrolls from either Bethesda or Netflix yet, it’s not hard to believe. Netflix really liked the success of The Witcher show, so now the service is working on a lot of projects for games: a Resident Evil show, an Assassin’s Creed cartoon and many others.

Bethesda is also working with Amazon Prime on a Fallout show.

Meanwhile, The Elder Scrolls 6 is in development within the walls of Bethesda.

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