Best Noise Canceling & Smells Like New Machine – Apple AirPods MAX Reviews

Best Noise Canceling & Smells Like New Machine - Apple AirPods MAX Reviews

Technobloggers and journalists of major Western publications have already tried Apple AirPods MAX in business and shared their first impressions. They talked about the sound quality, convenience, noise cancellation and packaging.

  • AirPods MAX come in a box with a Lightning to USB-C cable and case, nothing else in the box, not even apple stickers
  • Cups crafted from sleek aluminum with nine microphones and controls
  • AirPods MAX cannot be turned off manually – only put into hibernation mode by placing in the included case
  • The headphones are heavy – 386 grams versus the Sony WH-1000XM4, which only weighs 250 grams

Spatial sound was the best feature in our tests when watching movies or TV shows on the big screen. Imagine that you have a whole home theater on your head. When watching The Mandalorian, you will clearly hear the starship approaching from the left: first it sounds behind the ear, then it is equal to it, and then comes forward – and the ship appears on the screen.


  • Full-size AirPods can be connected to audio sources using the Ligtning cable, which will have to be purchased separately for 3,590 rubles
  • Ear pads for Apple AirPods Max cost 7,490 rubles
  • Ambient noise transmission and active noise canceling work great

I’d say it’s the best noise canceling I’ve felt – a little bit better than the Sony WH-1000XM4 and Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700. They don’t completely shut off the world, but even on a busy and noisy New York street I could hardly hear the cars passing by.


  • Out of the box, the headphones smell “like a new car” – The Verge suggested it was a combination of fabric, memory foam and aluminum
  • Sweat, rain and dust resistance is not declared, it is not recommended to use AirPods MAX during sports activities or in bad weather outside

After a few hours of listening, I can tell I like the sound – it’s crisp and bright, and the range is pleasantly wider than my Sony’s. There is no distortion even at maximum volume.

The verge

The announcement of the headphones took place on December 8, and it was planned to send orders by December 15. However, the next day, it became clear that getting AirPods Max would be no easier than getting new graphics cards or consoles.

Now on the official website, delivery times are indicated as 12-14 weeks, that is, not earlier than March 2021. In Russia, this applies to all colors.

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