Mass Effect Game Director draws attention to Mysterious Mass Relay

Mass Effect Game Director draws attention to Mysterious Mass Relay

During The Game Awards 2020, a trailer for the new Mass Effect game was unveiled. Inevitably, this sparked a wave of speculation about the nature of the new Mass Effect installment, with Game Director Michael Gamble contributing to the fan’s speculation. One theme particularly caught his attention: the mysterious mass relays featured in BioWare’s official concept art.

The conversation began with what was shown in the trailer for the new Mass Effect. The well-known insider Shinobi602 concluded on Twitter that the mass repeaters destroyed at the end of Mass Effect 3 began to be restored. The basis for such conclusions was art from a book dedicated to the 25th anniversary of BioWare. The image claims to be related to the new Mass Effect and shows an oddly shaped repeater equipped with the MR7 identification number. Allegedly, this could mean Mass Relay 7.

Michael Gamble joined in, sharing the high-resolution art. However, he said the Shinobi theory of repeaters was not correct. But judging by his reaction, the structure is of great importance and its meaning is deeper than it seems.

Eurogamer journalist Tom Phillips joined the discussion and asked why the construction of new repeaters is underway, noting that those damaged in the past have been repaired. 

To this Gamble replied, “Great question.” Perhaps these repeaters have other functions? And if one number has MR7, then there are at least seven of them.

Some theories have linked such repeaters to time travel. Maybe we will be allowed to go back in time, but then it will be difficult to ignore the paradoxes. Others believe that new repeaters could be significantly larger. Allegedly, they can be analogues of the Death Star, but instead of destroying planets, these repeaters are capable of transporting huge ships and even planets. Another, the simplest and most logical theory is that mass relays are built into the ships themselves so that they can travel across the universe.

Unfortunately, we will not know the answers very soon.

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