New Russian space station could be built on a modular system

New Russian space station could be built on a modular system

In the development of space stations, the service life is always laid down, but it is often exceeded in the end. For example, the Mir station was supposed to operate for 5 years, but as a result it was decommissioned only 15 years later. According to the original plans, the ISS was supposed to work for 15 years, but its term was extended to 26. And now the possibility of extending the period to 32 years, that is, until 2030, is being discussed. 

According to RIA Novosti, the Energia rocket and space company is working on a project for a new space station, which, in theory, could work forever. For this, a system of interchangeable modules could be used. When a module comes to an end, it can be replaced with a new one. 

The head of the Institute of Space Policy, Ivan Moiseev, said that he had previously proposed a similar idea. 

Look at the Russian segment of the ISS. Decades have passed, and it is not yet completed. The question arises: what to do after the end of operation? To drown or not to drown? And if initially the ideology is laid – the module has worked out its term – it undocks and is replaced by another. Thus, the station becomes “eternal”. There will be no expiration dictate

But so far, the idea is being worked out only on paper. Of course, many years will pass before the performance.

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