Denis Villeneuve criticizes HBO Max premiere of “Dune” alongside cinemas

Denis Villeneuve criticizes HBO Max premiere of Dune alongside cinemas

Some time ago, Warner Bros. announced that all the company’s films released in 2021, viewers will be able to see both in cinemas and at home through the HBO Max streaming service.Many directors reacted harshly to this decision. For example, Christopher Nolan called this situation a setup .

The director of “Dune” Denis Villeneuve wrote a detailed letter to  Variety . The director said that there is no love for cinema and viewers here – only money and a desire to survive.

“I learned that Warner Bros. decided to release Dune on HBO Max at the same time as the theater premiere. With this decision, AT&T robbed one of the most respected and important studios in film history. There is no love for cinema or for the audience here. It’s all about the survival of the telecommunications giant, which has over $ 150 billion in debt.

Dune is all about cinema and the audience, and AT&T only cares about its own survival on Wall Street. The HBO Max launch has so far failed, which is why AT&T has decided to sacrifice the entire WB lineup for 2021 to gain audience attention.

The sudden departure of Warner Bros. from home politics for filmmakers to an era of total neglect draws a clear line for me. Film production is a collaboration based on mutual trust and teamwork. Warner Bros. made it clear that we are no longer on the same team.”

Villeneuve said that streaming services are a very positive and powerful addition to the film and television market, which, however, cannot support the film industry as we know it.

Streaming is capable of producing cool content, but films of the size and scale of Dune. Warner Bros. means that Dune will not get a chance to succeed financially and pay off. Ultimately, piracy will win.

It is likely that the WB killed the Dune franchise with their decision. Think about fans.”

In addition, Villeneuve said that he does not diminish the importance of human health. That is why he supported the postponement of “Dune” for a year. The director is confident that over time, everything will return to normal, and the audience will return to the cinema halls to appreciate Villeneuve’s picture in the intended format.

“Safety comes first – no one argues with that. Everyone understands this and therefore I supported the postponement of “Dune” to October 2021. Scientists say that by then everything will be back to normal.

Dune is by far the best movie I’ve ever worked on. My team has dedicated over three years to this business to create a unique big-screen experience. The film was shot with an eye to cinemas.

I firmly believe that the future of cinema will remain on the big screen. We need cinemas and we need cinema as a collective experience and sensation.

Long live cinema in cinemas!”

Dune is slated to premiere on October 1, 2021. In addition to Villeneuve’s film, HBO Max will also be releasing Matrix 4 and many others .

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