The main characters, bosses and battles in the new trailer for the action Scarlet Nexus

The main characters, bosses and battles in the new trailer for the action Scarlet Nexus

Bandai Namco has unveiled a new trailer for the role-playing action  Scarlet Nexus at The Game Awards 2020. The video features two main characters, for each of which you can complete the game, battles with mutants, boss fights and a first look at the main villain.

The game will be not just an action game, but also a full-fledged role-playing game: you will be able to communicate with partners, take them on assignments, explore the open world of one of the huge cities and complete additional tasks.

The main characters are members of a special elite squad that protects people from mutants.


In the distant future, a psionic hormone was discovered in the human brain, which gives people extrasensory abilities and changes the world we are used to. As humanity was entering a new era, wacky mutants known as the Others descended from heaven in search of human brains.

Mutants are extremely resistant to conventional attacks, so extreme measures are required to combat this dangerous threat in order to save humanity. People with acute psychic abilities, known as psionics, gave us the chance to withstand the onslaught from above. By now, the psionics whose psychic abilities have been researched have been recruited into OSF, an elite anti-Others unit, the last line of defense of humanity.

Scarlet Nexus will be released in summer 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Seeries X.

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