TGA 2020: Crimson Desert Gameplay Trailer from Black Desert Developers

TGA 2020 Crimson Desert Gameplay Trailer from Black Desert Developers

During The Game Awards 2020, Pearl Abyss has unveiled the first trailer for Crimson Desert , an MMORPG from the developers of Black Desert. The “next generation” multiplayer title was announced last November.

Crimson Desert  has a more western style, unlike Black Desert. The developers tried to organically combine the scale and familiar elements of an MMORPG with a deep story at the level of the best story games.

Crimson Deser t offers an immersive single-player campaign replete with interesting quests based on the exploits of the many mercenaries to hire, as well as a huge amount of content based on the more traditional MMORPG format.

We’ve created a world designed for you to freely enjoy, with the various end-game content expected from next generation MMORPGs. Players will face many dangers in the world of Crimson Desert .

A variety of creatures, both large and small, threaten your survival. This is a world of mythical creatures who are neither friends nor enemies, cruel mercenaries and powerful figures conspiring in the shadow of the royal court.

Crimson Desert will be released on PC and consoles. The list of platforms and the exact release date are still kept secret.

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