Game Developers Bring UK Economy £ 3 Billion in 2019

Game Developers Bring UK Economy £ 3 Billion in 2019

According to, game developers and publishers in the UK generated £ 2.91 billion in 2019, up 9.1% from 2018.

Prior to that, the most profitable year for gaming companies in Britain was 2016. It had a total annual income of 1.75 billion pounds. This is an incredible 627% growth over the past decade. By comparison, in 2010, game development and publishing brought in only £ 400 million to the economy.

However, the UKIE Chamber of Commerce notes that one of the important factors in increasing the contribution to the economy was the transfer of gaming companies to a different classification code – with their help, the authorities calculate the growth of sectors. Between 2016 and 2017, there was a campaign to help game companies update their codes to be officially in the industry.

In fact, such values ​​are not surprising. Every year, the cost of creating video games increases, and this is influenced by various factors. Don’t forget about the ever-growing number of players.

We will find out the data for 2020 next year.

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