Cyberpunk 2077 Beginner’s Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 Beginner's Guide

It took me a while to rethink Cyberpunk 2077 . Because this is not a standard first-person role-playing game … However, there are a lot of both familiar and perfect unusual features and aspects. This guide has put together a few tips to help you jump into the tumultuous life of Night City faster and understand what’s going on here and what to do.

Be curious

Almost any conversation has a ton of additional threads highlighted in blue. Be sure to go through them all before moving on to the yellow phrases that advance the plot. You will find out more information about lore and so on.

There are no classes as such

You can change the style during the game, and the choice of the past, in fact, affects only the introductory task and the presence of certain additional (optional) phrases during the dialogue. Otherwise, neither romantic relationships, nor the development of story / side quests, nor endings depend on the past.

Stats and Ability Points Unlock Mission Variation

Characteristic points give passive bonuses, as well as open access to more advanced abilities. The maximum value of any stat is 20. And if you want to unlock the best abilities within it, you will have to invest all 20 points in the parameter. Abilities will make V stronger, open up access to other options for completing quests (for example, they will facilitate hacking, provide an opportunity to break down a door or open an electromagnetic lock). If you like stealth, then pump the attribute responsible for it (and unlock access to stealth skills).

Save stat points

I cannot say that the level of performance at first plays an important role. Instead of distributing these points when you level up, you can save them. Spend only ability points and then wait. Wait for the moment when you need some kind of characteristic – for example, to open a door, hack a system, or select an additional phrase during a dialogue. This is the best solution. In doing so, make sure that this action is really important.

Headshots don’t kill enemies

Although they do huge damage. Instead of aiming for the head every time, I recommend carefully studying the enemies. Some have a weak spot on their back, others you can shoot a weapon. For example, the best way to destroy a Mammoth is to shoot both arms. And this can be done with 2-3 shots from a powerful sniper rifle!

There are many side quests here, but take your time

Literally from the very beginning of the game, you will be bombarded with phone calls and messages, many of which activate additional quests. This will happen all the time. But don’t let the ever-growing list unsettle you. Quests will not disappear anywhere. You will be able to complete them after completing the game’s plot, obtaining all endings, and so on. In any case, the game will warn you when the point of no return starts. But after the remaining story missions, he will offer to return to her.

Permanently save

Use the F5 key for quick saves. Do this constantly. There are a lot of bugs in the game, and it may happen that your last save file is simply damaged. We’ll have to run the previous one. And it will be extremely disappointing if the previous file was made too long ago.

Use scan to find prey

Press the TAB key to scan your surroundings and look for prey. Use color coding both on the main interface and on the radar (X marks loot). White indicates common loot, and then everything follows the old fashioned way: green, blue, purple and yellow as rarity increases – from uncommon to legendary items.

Complete additional objectives

In many story missions, the objectives list will include items marked in brackets as optional. If you complete additional tasks, you will receive as much information as possible about the lore and events of the game.

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