Best Ray Tracing – Digital Foundry’s Cyberpunk 2077 PC Breakdown

Best Ray Tracing - Digital Foundry's Cyberpunk 2077 PC Breakdown

Yesterday, Digital Foundry specialists published a full review of Cyberpunk 2077 with an analysis of the PC version. The video is dedicated to the technological part of the game, which is performed at the highest level.


  • Cyberpunk 2077  can be compared to Crysis, which at one time was ahead of the capabilities of home PCs and gave a significant leap in graphics quality
  • The basic consoles of the outgoing generation are no longer able to cope with the game at least at the minimum acceptable level
  • The game world blooms after turning on ray tracing – there is global illumination, ambient lighting, as well as a full-fledged ambient occlusion shading model
Best Ray Tracing - Digital Foundry's Cyberpunk 2077 PC Breakdown
  • With ray tracing, the sky is like a giant light source that, thanks to diffuse illumination, accurately conveys color information to a wide variety of materials and surfaces
  • If you enable ray tracing of the Psycho level, then in  Cyberpunk 2077  there is a full-fledged global illumination that simulates particle scattering
  • The developers also use volumetric light and volumetric smoke and fog effects.

After all, this is a next generation game, and there is no doubt that for the best experience you need a next generation console or PC. What we’ve seen on PS4 and Xbox One suggests that these devices are struggling due to a weak CPU and slow HDD.

  • Environment loading is almost invisible on PC
  • The game uses several types of shadows at once: cascading maps, ray tracing and screen-space
  • There is no particular breakthrough in character animation, but everything is done at the highest level
  • Experts praise CDPR for full-fledged first-person body animation

PS4 and PS4 Pro

  • On the base PS4, the game runs in a dynamic 900p, with frequent drawdowns up to 720p
  • The developers had to reduce all the graphical features of the game, including the number of people on the streets
  • Indoors, the game produces 20-25 fps, outside four walls – 15-20 frames per second
  • The game does not have time to load textures, objects appear out of thin air, and freezes occur when moving
Best Ray Tracing - Digital Foundry's Cyberpunk 2077 PC Breakdown
  • Slightly better on PS4 Pro – the game runs in dynamic 1188p with drops to 972p
  • Frame rate drops to 18 fps are also present here
  • The main issues are related to the processor limitations of both systems
  • Graphically between the two versions, apart from the resolution, full parity

Cyberpunk 2077 was released on the night of December 9-10. Critics and gamers alike welcomed the new RPG from studio CD Projekt RED, but the owners of the previous generation of consoles hardly felt the joy .

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