Viggo Mortensen: “Green Book” is now more relevant than ever

Viggo Mortensen Green Book is now more relevant than ever

Actor / director Viggo Mortensen gave an extensive interview with NME in which he talked about his favorite cut scene from “The Lord of the Rings”. He also expressed his disagreement with the accusations of the Black Lives Matter movement towards the “Green Book”.

“Lord of the Rings”

According to Mortensen, initially Peter Jackson planned to include a flashback about the young Aragorn in the film. The actor regrets that this scene is not in any version of the film, and it cannot be seen even in the form of additional material.

“It was a kind of flashback at the time when Aragorn had just met Arwen. We shot this scene before the break between shoots, so I was well made up and clean shaven.

The director wanted me to look as young as possible: I had a different hairstyle and was dressed like an elf. This scene was in the book when Aragorn and Arwen were walking in a flower meadow.

It was a very beautiful episode, but obviously not very necessary for the film. I never saw this scene, although I liked filming it. It would be great to see her someday, because this flashback is not in the extended version either.”

The actor also shared his thoughts on the upcoming Lord of the Rings series from Amazon. He does not share the concerns of fans of the Jackson trilogy and believes that the streaming service has every chance of success.

“I know that the series is directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, a very talented Spanish director. Filming is taking place in New Zealand, so I think they can take some advice from Peter Jackson and the rest of the crew.

It seems to me that they have all the conditions to do everything right. They definitely have something to take an example from.”

Green Book and BLM

The film by Peter Farrelly became the main triumph at the 2019 Oscars – the picture received statuettes for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor. Viggo himself was nominated for Best Actor.

However, now the Green Book is considered a film that misrepresents everything. According to some, the painting demonstrates the dominance of white people over black people. Mortensen disagrees with these charges.

“I believe the Green Paper is more relevant than ever – and will only grow in importance over time. It seems to me that the controversy over the film was fueled on the Internet by a small layer of bloggers and some film critics, and these disputes are not justified for me.

They did not even want to delve into the essence of the “Green Book”, but only tried to ruin the film’s reputation. In some circles, its name even became something of a household name, and people wrote: “Oh, this project will be the” Green Book “from the world …”. As if the very association with this film is already something bad.

I believe this controversy will subside and the film will be called a classic in the future.”

The actor considers this film to be one of the best in which he happened to star. According to him, the role of Tony was difficult for him, but in the end everything worked out. He was delighted to be on the same team with Mahershala Ali and director Peter Farrelli.

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