The Division 2 kicks off Season 4 of End of Shift

The Division 2 kicks off Season 4 of End of Shift

A major update was released for The Division 2 , which marked the start of the fourth season of the looter shooter called “End of Shift”. Players will again have to deal with a round-up of various targets, in order to eventually remove Fey Lau.

Players will have five goals, including Lau through February 9, four leagues and four global events. These events will be available in the game until March 1. The game will also update the Battle Pass and new Seasonal Rewards. And from December 22 to January 11, the “Watch” event will take place, within which players will be able to purchase premium cosmetics.

Patch innovations:

  • Optimization station – works the same as in the first part; for currency, you can pump weapons or armor to their maximum possible values; exotic items and set items can also be improved
  • In the “Summit” mode, the “Tactics” and “Climbing” tests appeared – the first is aimed at battles, the second – on the passage and difficulty levels; new directives (modifiers) and guaranteed target loot
  • The ability to pick up a turret if its effect has not ended
  • Permanent mask display option
  • Inventory capacity increased to 150 slots, base storage remains unchanged
  • A store that allows you to purchase items as part of global events
  • Condenser Exotic Rifle
  • Scorpion Exotic Shotgun
  • Exotic holster “Waveform”
  • Scalpel Signature Rifle, Test Subject Assault Rifle, Battery Pack Backpack and Caesar’s Guard Chestpiece
  • New Empress International Brand and Rigger Set
  • Skill module “Achilles” – identifies the weak points of the enemy so that a group of players can conduct targeted fire and deal more damage
  • Masks can now be worn outside infected areas

The Division 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. An upgrade for the nextgen will appear on February 2.

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