PUBG creative director wants to diversify the survival factor in battle royale

PUBG creative director wants to diversify the survival factor in battle royale

PUBG creative director Dave Kurd, who succeeds the late Brendan Green, was interviewed by The Verge . In a conversation with reporters, the developer spoke about how the PUBG Corporation is trying to rebuild and refresh the battle royale formula.

Kurd said that the first step was to constantly feed PUBG with new small-sized maps, as well as maintaining the usual game formula.

“We made a lot of small maps in 2020, largely because we’re trying to find a middle ground. Over the course of this year, we realized that calm moments alternating with intense gunfights is the very thing that sets PUBG apart from the competition.”

Beyond that, Kurd and the team are already thinking about where PUBG is heading next. And now the task is to diversify the elements of the game associated with survival.

“We have always thought about what is on the other side of the blue circle. We don’t think PUBG is a giant team fight with a narrowing circle. For us, PUBG is a survival. We have an interesting gunplay, but if you look in general, most of the time you don’t shoot at all – you are trying to survive.

Our goal right now is not to simplify PUBG or make it friendly. We want to make the game even more fun, especially for beginners.”

The latter argument Kurd and PUBG Corporation backed up with the city map Haven, which is designed for 32 players, but also includes AI opponents acting as a third party to the conflict.

The update is already available on the PUBG test server .

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