Emily Blunt: Edge of Tomorrow 2 has a promising script

Emily Blunt Edge of Tomorrow 2 has a promising script

Emily Blunt spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and shared some details on the sequel to “Edge of Tomorrow”. The actress said that she had already read the script of the picture and found it very cool.

Now the problem is only in filming and coordinating schedules.

The script is promising and very cool. I just don’t know when everything will turn out well, do you understand? The problem is in the schedule. But the film is definitely in the works.

The script has a very cool idea.

Previously, scriptwriter and director Doug Lyman said that he was ready to start filming “Edge of the Future” as soon as Tom Cruise was free after filming “Mission Impossible 8.” The details of the plot and the date of the beginning of filming of the sequel “Edge of the Future” have not yet been reported.

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