A group of modders creates a massive Star Wars game based on Fallout: New Vegas

A group of modders creates a massive Star Wars game based on Fallout New Vegas

The two modders have been working on a massive Star Wars Open Worlds project for three years now , which is based on Fallout: New Vegas. This is not just a modification, but a real full-fledged game: 12 planets, four story development paths, including a light and dark side, a gray Jedi and a “sandbox”, full voice acting, a large story campaign and much more.

The game takes place during the early Empire, and the player will be a prisoner who needs to escape and start a new life. It will be possible to completely customize the appearance of the hero, change his characteristics, complete additional tasks and earn reputation with various factions.

On the channel of one of the creators there are many videos about the creation of the game, in which they demonstrate a variety of locations: Naboo, the Jedi Temple, Tatooine and much more.

Judging by the videos, it turns out to be one of the most ambitious modifications in recent years and the best fan project in the Star Wars universe.

The release date of the Star Wars Open Worlds mod  is still unknown.

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