The US stock exchange will start trading water

The US stock exchange will start trading water

Water becomes the same commodity as gold or oil. This week, the Chicago Board of Trade will launch the first US water market. There will be $ 1.1 billion of futures contracts issued. This will allow farmers, municipalities and ordinary investors to regulate the price of water and protect themselves from a sharp increase in prices in the event of a disaster.

Such actions did not receive a positive assessment from the public:

This represents a cynical attempt to create something like a gambling casino so that some people can make money from the suffering of others.

Director of the Climate Justice Project at the Basav Sen Institute for Policy Studies

It has been known for decades that freshwater has become an increasingly scarce resource in the world due to the interconnected threats of droughts, climate change and human overuse of the resource. Now on these adversities it will be possible to speculate and make money.

About two billion people in the world are now deficient in fresh water. Their number will grow.

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