History of the Cyberpunk world from 1990 to 2045

History of the Cyberpunk world from 1990 to 2045

The Cyberpunk universe resembles modern Earth, but with some dramatic differences. Major changes in the chronology of the universe began to occur in 1990. In anticipation of the release of Cyberpunk 2077 , we invite you to briefly get acquainted with the events of this world.

All data is taken from the Cyberpunk role-playing game guidebooks.


The NSA, CIA, FBI, and Drug Enforcement Administration, known as the Gang of Four, jointly launch secret control of the US government. The US invades Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. The large number of injured veterans is driving demand for cybernetic limb and organ replacement. Over the next few years, several free states emerge that ignore federal law.

At the same time, West and East Germany are uniting in Europe, and the Warsaw Pact is falling apart. The Baltic countries fall away from the USSR. In the Soviet Union, Andrei Gorborev becomes president. He orients the state not on the imposition of ideology, but on economic cooperation. This important step will subsequently make the country dominant in the region.


Italian corporation BioTechnica creates a new chemical fuel, CHOOH2, from its own patented, genetically modified wheat. An artificial muscle fiber is being developed at Stanford Research Center.


The European Economic Community is being created with a common currency called the Eurodollar, the stability of which leads to the fact that it officially becomes the currency in several non-European countries.

FDA-developed artificial viruses targeting coca and opium plants are being released all over the world. The governments of Chile, Ecuador and Afghanistan are falling apart.

Difficulties in the EEC. France, Germany, Great Britain and Italy are closing borders to hired workers.

Entrepreneur Richard Knight buys land in the Bay of Del Coronado for a utopian urban development project called Coronado City with huge corporate investment.

History of the Cyberpunk world from 1990 to 2045


15,000 casualties from a small tactical nuclear bomb in New York. The blame lies with the Colombian drug lords. Carnegie Hall and Rockefeller Center destroyed.

In Miami, an open war begins between gangs and the police. Due to a lack of resources, in six months, the authorities are forced to admit defeat.

The first biological interface chips are developed in Munich.


The global stock market is crashing after the US is discovered to be manipulating both American and European stock markets. An economic crisis is coming.

A new wave of immigration is reaching Europe. The EEC uses military force to close borders, resulting in massive casualties.

In Pittsburgh, a nuclear accident killed 257 people.


The European Space Agency and the Pan-African Alliance are working together to create the Kiliminjaro electromagnetic catapult.

The EEC strengthens its borders, launches the “Fortress Europe” project on the whole continent. There are spy satellites in orbits, each person now has a card with all the information.

Maoist Loyalist Cabal seize power in Beijing.


Because of the crisis in the United States, unemployment is high, 25% of the population is homeless, and hundreds of thousands take part in the riots. US troops leave bases in Japan and Korea.

Wandering packs of travelers moving from city to city. They become known as nomads or nomads. Hundreds of criminal lawyers have been lynched in a “lawyer purge.”

The constitution has been suspended and martial law has been declared. These events are called “Collapse”.

On August 17, the president and vice president of the United States are killed; the head of the Senate refuses to lead the country. Defense Secretary Jonathan Seward suspends constitution and declares martial law. The security forces of the NSA, CIA, FBI and DEA form the Gang of Four and operate virtually independently of the government. Criminal structures control many cities throughout the country.


Popular musician James “Rockerboy” Manson dies when police pull him off stage during an Amnesty International benefit concert in England. Hundreds of people die as a result of the riot caused by these events.

The first corporate Arasaka army is formed. In Japan, 60% of government members were detained on suspicions of corruption.

A nuclear war is taking place in the Middle East. Iran, Iraq, Libya, Chad and the Emirates are becoming a radioactive desert. World oil supplies have been severely reduced, and Muslim tribes are fleeing radiation to western China.

Britain officially hands over Hong Kong to China. However, no one arranges a solemn ceremony: the country is already in a state of civil war.


The earthquake destroys most of Los Angeles, with 65,000 casualties. Drought is hitting the US Midwest, turning farms into deserts. Richard Knight is killed by organized crime syndicates in retaliation for not being allowed to build Coronado City. The city is now called Night City after him. Gangs and criminal cartels immediately start a war for the city.

In the USSR, a coup d’etat takes place with the participation of the KGB. The Russian mafia begins expansion into European countries, where it is opposed by the militarized Interpol.


South Korea says North Korean aircraft violated its airspace, triggering a chain of events that culminates in a second Korean War.

A colony has been created on the Moon with its own electromagnetic catapult.

The United States establishes a federal weapons law. It is allowed to use semi-automatic weapons to protect oneself or property throughout the country without a license, which immediately leads to a 30% reduction in crime.

In response, Texas declares itself a free state where federal law does not apply. Formally, Texas became independent.


Alaska becomes the second state to declare independence from the United States.

America and Europe are being hit by a plague epidemic. Millions of deaths, Germany is particularly hard hit. All countries are closing their borders, completing the Fortress Europe project. The epidemic was suppressed only after a cure was found in the German laboratory Bioweapons.

The American president is killed while traveling across the country. In his place, General William Newell was appointed head of state.

Bands emerge who pose as celebrities or fictional characters – from rock stars to Star Trek characters – often through biosculpting.


Worldsat Corporation is completing work on a communications network that will serve as the foundation for the worldwide web. The military coup in England ends with the dissolution of the monarchy and the declaration of martial law. Almost the entire royal family has been executed. Australia declares itself a republic, and the state of Western Australia declares independence and secedes shortly thereafter.

History of the Cyberpunk world from 1990 to 2045


Crops in several countries are infected with the virus. A food crisis follows in Canada, Australia and the USSR. Crops belonging to American agribusiness are protected by the vaccine, leading to accusations of biological warfare.

South China suffers from overpopulation. The inhabitants of the North are leaving the barren fields.

California becomes the third state to declare its independence.


The Second Central American War begins. The US invades Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, but is defeated there. European arms manufacturers make a profit by supplying arms to the belligerent countries.

Nevada becomes another independent state.

NSA orders during the first Central American Conflict are brought to light by journalist Tesla Johanneson, exposing the influence of a gang of four who are ousted from power. Instead, future US elections are being manipulated by mega-corporations.


Tesla Johanneson is killed. The Gang of Four is destroyed in a coup initiated by the army and CIA operatives who split from the gang to eliminate their former associates.

Medicine is moving forward. The first cloned tissue is grown.

Terrorists are trying to kidnap people from the Orbital Air corporation. When they fail, it is revealed that they were hired by EBM to sabotage the Transworld Airlines buyout. The conflict escalates when Orbital Air recruits hackers from the Zetatech corporation. In the end, it all ends with mercenary attacks. In retrospect, this conflict is called the first corporate war.

History of the Cyberpunk world from 1990 to 2045


Cyber ​​modem invented. This allows you to dive into the net directly through the brain, a process called netrunning.

The battle for Knight City ends with a victory for the bandits. Corporations survive by turning the city center and some areas into impregnable fortresses. All other territory is under the rule of the Crowd – a bandit group that does not spare ordinary residents.

EBM completes the acquisition of Hamburg and builds a wall there, declaring independence.

In November, the first attempt at military destruction of the corporation begins. During Operation Big Club, The Mantoga Corp was destroyed.

The Second Korean War ends with the creation of a new united Republic of Korea.


The first human clone is grown. He dies six hours later.

The First Corporate War ends. EBM managed to gain full control of Transworld Air and Orbital Air.

In preparation for a joint Euro-Soviet mission to conquer Mars, EEC scientists are starting experiments with genes. The goal of Operation Green Man is to create a personality suitable for colonizing the red planet.


A second corporate war breaks out when SovOil and PetroChem did not share the newly discovered oil fields in the South China Sea. Subsequently, they concluded a non-aggression pact, but it did not last long.

Digital recordings of personal experiences that can be tested by others were invented by a graduate student at the University of Santa Cruz, California.


The US attacks the Soviet Mir 13 weapons platform. Eurocosmos intervenes, and an orbital war begins between the US and the EEC, which ended a few weeks after the asteroid bombardment of Colorado Springs and other strategic US targets.

Taiwan officially declares independence from China and hires Arasaka Corporation for massive military training.

The United States is undergoing a reorganization of the government and the first elections since the introduction of martial law.

History of the Cyberpunk world from 1990 to 2045


Knight City comes under full corporate control.

SovOil captures oil fields in the South China Sea.


The Second Central American War ended. The United States is inviting 500,000 workers from the region. Until they reach the country’s borders, only 10% survive. USA on the brink of bankruptcy. 

Cloning technology develops and begins to be used to grow spare organs for the wealthy.


The most productive southern Italian lands come under full corporate control. Northern Italy is losing its influence on the political life of the country.

The joint mission of ESA and the USSR successfully lands on Mars.


Biochuma in Chicago kills 1,700 people. The huge territory of the city becomes hopelessly polluted and abandoned.

The details of the operation “Green Man” to change genes to adapt to Mars become known to the public, so the project is terminated. However, research continues in complete secrecy.

Independent California splits into North and South. They form separate states with capitals in Sacramento and San Diego.


The Soulkiller virus, which can digitize and erase the human mind, was developed by Alt Cunningham.

The Great Drought has broken out in Europe. Aragon and Catalonia start a Water War over the river; the problem is turning into a corporate battle that is only stopped by urgent EU intervention.

Johnny Silverhand’s concert, held in a park across the street from the Arasaka complex in Knight City, ends in a riot, killing 19 people.

MicroTech Corporation’s Pasadena plant has developed real artificial intelligence.


The web has been redesigned using Ihara-Grubb transformation algorithms that render it visualized as a space similar to the real world.

In Knight City, battles for bandit territory escalate into a full-scale war.

The emperor is removed from power in Japan.

A huge part of American Houston becomes the property of Kizamasu Inc. and turns into a corporate city.

Utah becomes the fifth and last independent state.


The beginning of the era of cyber mercenaries: Lithuania attracts cyber soldiers to its side to end the invasion from the Latvian side.

Implants are becoming available to everyone. In just a few months, a huge number of inventions flood the world markets.

A war breaks out with corporations in Europe. Germany wants to reduce their presence in the region.

History of the Cyberpunk world from 1990 to 2045


The third corporate war is fought entirely online.

The Japanese army is secretly developing a heavy battle tank with a biopod (control unit in the form of a human brain). During the tests, the brain goes crazy and takes the tank out of the shooting range. His actions kill 31 people, until the forces of Arasaka finally destroy the machine. In a statement, the Japanese authorities blame the Korean terrorists.

Biodevices are starting to appear on the streets.

Inhabited Orbital Station O’Neill One completed at Lagrange Point 5.


The first clones of a person with self-awareness are created.

London is flooded.


In February, Scottish nationalists staged an epic battle with British forces. Twenty thousand of the rebels were killed, and virtually all of the leaders were captured and executed for treason. Only Colonel Malcolm Douglas-Campbell managed to escape and fled to Belfast. After that, they continued the partisan war against the authorities.

Later, an agreement was signed in Bacton, according to which Scotland is recognized as an independent country with its own national assembly. England pledged to withdraw its troops.

Victoria II, once rescued by the Cartel Princess Beatrice Ferguson, becomes Queen of England.

In Europe, the first laws are passed prohibiting human cloning at the level of consciousness.


In orbit, O’Neill One Habitat rises and declares independence.


The nanotechnological carbon plague spreads through Knight City and then stops without explanation.

The Third Central American Conflict begins. An attempt by the US authorities to stop the growth of the influence of drug lords leads to the emergence of an excellent training ground for combat tests of the latest corporate developments.

Storm Technologies hires nomads for Chicago rebuilding project.


NASA is building a base on Mars.

The beginning of the Fourth corporate war – the largest confrontation between the leaders of the world. The reason was the conflict between two mega-corporations for control of the third (Ocean War). Both sides decide to attract mercenaries (Arasaka and Militech), who take the confrontation to a new level.


Netrunner Reich Bartmoss dies in a corporate raid, triggering the DataKrash virus. By the time it was discovered, DataKrash had infected 78.2% of the network.


International trade collapses due to endless war.

The Fourth Corporate War culminates in a Militech Squad infiltrating the last remaining Arasaka databanks with Johnny Silverhand and a solo runner named Morgan Blackhand and detonating a nuclear warhead there, destroying the center of Night City. As a result, the network was damaged, and some of the storage media were destroyed. Recent history has been forgotten, states have been destroyed, and the whole world has changed. Half a million people died in the explosion, and another quarter of a million after it. Over the next two years, the sky over the night city turns red.

NASA begins a program of regular flights to Mars. They originally took place every 14 months.

History of the Cyberpunk world from 1990 to 2045


The Soviet-European mission is sent to study Jupiter. The next planet in line is Saturn.

War begins with nomads on the border of Texas and Mexico.

US President Elizabeth Kress declares a state of emergency and the country goes into dictatorship.


Resettlement and reconstruction of Knight City.

CitiNets, with tightly controlled connections between them, are starting to replace the faulty network.

Rumors have surfaced that a Johnny Silverhand fan has found his body and is keeping it in the refrigerator.


Massive arcologies called mega-buildings begin to build. Attempts to restore what is now called the old network have been abandoned in favor of CitiNets data pools.

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